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An Inclusive Society is Better for All
Research, campaign, advocacy and networking 2018-10-30T16:25:46+00:00

Research, Campaign, Advocacy and Networking

  • Conduct research on disability issues to use as advocacy tools
  • Conduct disability inclusive budget campaign at Unions, Municipalities, City Corporations and national levels
  • Conduct high level advocacy for laws and policy changes issues on disability
  • Media campaign to influence policy makers, implementers and make people aware on disability issues
  • Conduct advocacy at local, regional, nationaland international levels for establishing rights of persons with disabilities
  • Promote work in collaboration with community actors

Mr. Albert Mollah presenting draft National Action Plan on Disability

National Seminar on the draft Disability Act 2013

Advocacy meeting on Disability Inclusive National Budget

Mr. Albert Mollah in the World Bank’s Disability Expert Group Meeting in Japan

Chairperson Mr. C. M Tufail Sami in a meeting with the World  Bank Officials in Washington DC

Consultation with DPOs on VNR

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