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An Inclusive Society is Better for All
Ongoing Projects 2018-11-07T14:43:16+00:00

Ongoing Projects

SL No. Project Name Objectives Donor
1. Promoting employment and decent work for persons with disabilities in accordance with CRPD and SDGs Promote Employment and decent work for persons with disabilities in accordance with UN CRPD article 27 and SDGs goal 8.5 Disability Rights Fund, USA
2. Promoting Rights of Grassroots Persons with Disabilities through Community-led Initiatives Improve rights and governance situation for well-being of poor persons with disabilities in 20 Union Parishads under 5 Sub- districts of Bangladesh Commonwealth Foundation, UK
3. PRO-poor Growth of Rural Enterprises through Sustainable Skills-development (PROGRESS) Support pro-poor growth in the Light Engineering Sector (LES) by developing dynamic and competitive micro and cottage Light Engineering enterprises in rural markets of Bangladesh, to increase decent employment and income generating opportunities, and thus ensure inclusive and sustainable market development BRAC and European Commission
4. Social Inclusion of Deaf Child and Young People in Bangladesh (SI-DCYP) Achieve Social Inclusion of 45 deaf children and 20 deaf youths into their communities through reducing social barriers, building their capacity and empowering them to mobilize and claim their rights. Deaf Child Worldwide, UK/ CDD
5. Hawkers with Disabilities Development Project Encourage the street hawkers with disabilities to increase their existing earning capacity and living standard and to give inspiration to other disabled beggars to shift their profession from begging to small business Individual
6. Promoting Rights and Inclusion of persons with disabilities through Community based Rehabilitation (PRIDCBR) Empowering children and youth with disabilities by providing direct services, linkage with government services and working for their rights at Kulla Union, Dhamrai Upazila, Dhaka Liliane Fonds (LF), Netherlands
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