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An Inclusive Society is Better for All
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Previous Projects

SL No Project Name Donor
1. Promoting Employment and decent work for Persons with disabilities in accordance with CRPD and SDGs Disability Rights Fund, USA
2. Promoting Implementation of UNCRPD in Bangladesh through participation of DPOs Disability Rights Fund, USA
3. Promoting Implementation of UNCRPD and SDGs in Bangladesh through Disability Inclusive Budget Disability Rights Fund, USA
4. Social Inclusion of Deaf Children and Young People in Bangladesh (SI-DCYP Project) Deaf Child Worldwide, UK/CDD
5. Implementing Self-employment Programme for the Disadvantaged Groups (ILO B-SEP) Canada Government and ILO
6. Promoting Rights and Inclusion of persons with disabilities through Community based Rehabilitation Liliane Fonds, Netherlands
7. Disability Rights Grantee Convening and Exit meeting in Bangladesh Disability Rights Fund, USA
8. A drive of DPO coalition for promoting implementation of UNCRPD in Bangladesh Disability Rights Advocacy Fund, USA
9. Promoting Women Entrepreneurship with Upazilla Disabilities in Savar Access 4, UK
10. Promoting rights of people with disabilities through disability inclusive local governance and Service providing institutions Manusher Jonno Foundation
11. Disability and World Bank safeguards Campaign Bank Information Centre BIC
12. To develop children with intellectual disabilities Taizee Community
13. To implement CBR approach at Jadabpur Union of Dhamrai CBM
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