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An Inclusive Society is Better for All
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Key focus areas

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Climate change and disasters
  • Access to justice

Major Activities

The organization implements the following activities to achieve its mission:


  • Provide education support to poor children with disabilities to enroll in schools and to continue their education
  • Mobilize parents, family members, and community people about the importance of inclusive education for children with disabilities
  • Sensitize School Management Committees
  • Run Early Childhood Development (ECD) centers for Deaf Children to prepare them for mainstreaming schools
  • Run Deaf Youth Clubs to facilitate their inclusion in the society
  • Develop children and youth with disabilities culturally
  • Arrange inclusive sports, art competition and recreational events for children with disabilities
Educational materials distribution

Educational materials distribution

Shamima, a student with cerebral pulsy got GPA-5 in SSC

Shamima on her way to school who got GPA 5 in SSC in 2016

Deaf children practicing sign language

Deaf children practicing sign language

Deaf youths performing in a national event

Deaf youths performing in a national event


  • Provide skills training, business start-up and mentoring supports for generating entrepreneurs with disabilities
  • Form Cooperative Societies with small entrepreneurs with disabilities
  • Encourageentrepreneurs with disabilities by rewarding them
  • Create opportunities for entrepreneurs to participate in different fairs to demonstrate their products
  • Create market linkages for selling products made by persons with disabilities
  • Organize Job fairs exclusively for persons with disabilities
  • Sensitize employers for generating wage-employment
Dipali Supporting her family with knitting machine

Dipali Supporting her family

Akram nursing his mushrooms

Akram nursing his mushrooms

Hon'able finance minister is with success small entrepreneurs with disabilities

Three successful  women entrepreneurs
with disabilities with the Finance Minister

Ratan receiving appointment letter
job jointly organized by Access Bangladesh,


  • Sensitize community people on disability prevention
  • Provide referral services, medicine support, doctor consultation, primary Rehabilitation therapy services
  • Provide sexual and reproductive health education to adolescent with disabilities
  • Provide assistive devices to improve mobility of persons with disabilities
Hearing test of a deaf girl

Hearing test of a deaf youth

Persons with disabilities receiving wheel chair

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